Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church

We stand in that stream of Christian tradition known as Reformed.

Grounded in Scripture, and tracing our roots to the Protestant Reformation, Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church seeks to be a Church “reformed, and always reforming, according to the Word of God.”

Christian Education


We find in scripture that the whole church is to be growing and engaged in the knowledge of God and his salvation in Jesus Christ.

Fathers and mothers are to teach their children the Christian faith and life. Not only parents but every Christian is to be prepared to explain the gospel to others. Each one of us may end up teaching someone else, whether that be formally in a classroom, or informally over a cup of coffee. This personal and familial instruction grows out of the church’s ministry of teaching the Word of Christ. At Providence OPC we are taught and we are growing in our faith and we go out into the city to spread our knowledge of Christ.

To this end we have:

  • Sequential Bible stories moving through the scripture are available for our youngest members.

  • We provide catechetical instruction for 7th and 8th graders.

  • A class for High School students is offered on Sunday morning.

  • And for adults there are various classes on the Bible, Reformed theology, and the Christian Life which are provided following worship on Sundays as well as during the week.

For more information about Providence Church, call (248) 547-9585.